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RIPs provide an invaluable opportunity for our PhD students and Postdoc to learn how to present science, interact with your peers, and receive valuable suggestions and insightful feedback from faculty. Speakers are highly encouraged to practice beforehand, in conjunction with their primary mentor, to enhance the overall experience. All participants have the opportunity learn about the ongoing research in our department, discuss science, and socialize with one another.


Scheduling for each upcoming academic year will occur in July. Amy Parkin will reach out to our graduate students/postdocs and their primary mentors to select dates that work for both the student and their primary mentor. It is the obligation of students/postdocs that they present during their scheduled time.

Suggested Format

  1. Title page including name of mentor and mentoring committee members

  2. Plan

  3. A testable hypothesis [Ref: Karl Popper] 

  4. Background knowledge and prior related work (provide credit to others and demonstrate you have reviewed the relevant literature and can wisely identify some key papers)

  5. Your proposed Methods (highlight the novelty in contrast to previous ones)

  6. Results (usually there should be some comparison and contrast with prior or alternate methods)

  7. Interpretation of Results, Discussion (contrast and compare to previous ones) and/or take-home points

  8. Limitations of the study and Future work that may address these limitations or that stem from exciting results

  9. Specific acknowledgement of grants from your mentor and the contribution of team members (other students, research staff, other faculty members). No need to talk long, however, please be specific, just stating that others contributed is insufficient. Please describe how they contributed. Was it in conceiving the methods, data collection, data integration, data transformations/wrangling, new methods development, methods implementation or programming, presentation of results, or interpretation of results?